… Family Programs … Power Inside hosts holiday programs. We offer enrichment activities for mothers and children enrolled in our program. Our case management program is available for moms who need assistance navigating healthcare and housing systems.

Outreach … Our outreach support women in the community who request counseling or education. Outreach workers are advocates in healthcare settings and residential settings.

… Counseling … Women are offered support, counseling and case management. Women may talk to a case manager, receive practical resources and attend a support group. Walk-in hours allow women to engage counselors and programs that bridge them to comprehensive care at a time right for them.

… Job Development … Power Inside, Inc. offers soft skills training for women reentering the workforce who face barriers due to disabilities, limited job experience or relocation.

… Group Counseling … Power Inside offers support groups and workshops to women in the community. In our groups we address health, relationships and employment goals. Power Inside uses a strength-based approach to enhance the skills of women to make change and better access community resources.

… Referrals … Women restarting their lives face significant barriers. Through our case management program we work with individual women to address their needs as they rebuild their lives. Referrals include gender specific healthcare, rehabilitation, housing and education.

… Harm Reduction Services …
Women are offered a safe and nonjudgmental space to access support, referrals and tangible resources. Harm reduction services are available on a walk-in basis or in the community through our outreach or home-visiting program.